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Select a Start Date 07 Jan So be proactive and broaden your horizons, while gaining diverse qualifications, experience and transferable skills to improve your employability. When not attending meetings or planning her next endeavour, Shayle can be found spending time with her family or taking part in some or other exciting outdoors activity! Differing roles of inhibition in hierarchical processing of species-specific calls in auditory brainstem nuclei. One of the best parts about being a volunteer for GVI is that I immediately felt a part of the team amongst both the staff and the other volunteers. As part of this promise, we will ensure, whenever possible, that one of our dedicated staff will be available to meet you at the airport.

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Xie R , Manis PB HMW glutenin subunits in multiploid Aegilops species: Synaptic mechanisms underlying noise-induced and age-related hearing loss , completed.

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Xie R, Meitzen J. Our studies primarily utilize whole-cell patch clamp recording technique to investigate the synaptic transmission in mouse brain slices. The asynchronous or delayed EPSC responses were rare in young mice, but increased a lot in aged and noise trauma mice. Front Neural Circuits July 24;8: Glycinergic synaptic transmission in the cochlear nucleus of mice with normal hearing and age-related hearing loss. Synaptic Mechanisms in the Auditory System. Various types of transgenic and mutant mice are readily available and more are being developed for the neuroscience research. The neural encoding of such fine temporal information is deteriorated during aging and hearing loss, which makes the bushy cells and the synapses they receive good targets of research. Xie R and Manis PB. Springer Handbook of Auditory Research Vol. J Physiol Feb 1; 3: Transmission of auditory sensory information decreases in rate and temporal precision at the endbulb of Held synapse during age-related hearing loss. Hearing loss alters quantal release at cochlear nucleus stellate cells. They share the same mechanisms of auditory nervous system with us, yet are small and stable enough for breeding and experimental manipulations. The animal model of my research Like people, mouse loses hearing during aging and after noise trauma. Xie R , Manis PB Synaptic transmission at the endbulb of Held deteriorates during age-related hearing loss. HMW glutenin subunits in multiploid Aegilops species: The Endbulb of Held. Picture shows three young mice at 1 month and an old one at 19 month. Optogenetic tools for the study of inhibitory mechanisms Top: Cellular mechanisms of age related hearing loss , active. Cell was filled with Alexa Fluor for visualization. Xie R , Manis PB. I study how the auditory nervous system processes sound, and how the neural processing is disrupted under aging and hearing loss conditions. For latest publications, please check my bibliography URL:{/PARAGRAPH} The cochlear nucleus CN An image of the cochlear nucleus from a mouse brain slice left , and the diagram of a simplified CN neural circuit right. We also combine other experimental approaches including pharmacology, immunohistology, molecular biology, optogenetics, and behavioral techniques in our research. Whole cell recordings of intrinsic properties and sound-evoked responses from the inferior colliculus. Different principal cell types in the CN process distinct aspects of the sound information. Target-specific IPSC kinetics promote temporal processing in auditory parallel pathways. {PARAGRAPH}Hearing loss becomes prevalent more than ever due to the steady increase of our life expectancy leads to the increase in age-related hearing loss, or presbycusis , and over-exposure to sound from sources like personal electronic devices leads to noise-induced hearing loss. Endbulb of Held synapses and bushy cells Left: The synapse is specialized to faithfully transmit sound information with temporal precision. Synaptic transmission is compromised during aging and hearing loss Voltage-clamp recordings of EPSCs in bushy cells to stimulations of the endbulb of Held synapse. Only the last 5 responses of the 50 pulse-train at Hz were shown. For example, bushy cells encode the fine temporal information of the sound structure, which is critical for sound localization as well as the performance of complex auditory tasks like speech recognition. Synaptic mechanisms underlying noise-induced and age-related hearing loss , completed. The primary goals of my research are to elucidate the mechanisms at the molecular, cellular and circuit levels that underlie normal hearing as well as hearing loss conditions due to aging and noise trauma. The dominance of inhibition in the inferior colliculus. Differing roles of inhibition in hierarchical processing of species-specific calls in auditory brainstem nuclei. Inhibitory projections from the ventral nucleus of the lateral lemniscus and superior paraolivary nucleus create directional selectivity of frequency modulations in the inferior colliculus: A comparison of bats with other mammals. Notice that the synchronous EPSC responses were large and well-timed to the stimulus onset tick marks on top , but were small and less well-timed in aged mice and mice with noise trauma. Intrinsic excitability and synaptic properties of auditory nerve input of radiate and planar multipolar neurons in the mouse anteroventral cochlear nucleus. Hearing loss is seen in aged mice 19 month and mice with noise trauma, in terms of ABR waveform amplitude. They are ideal to use in studying aging and hearing loss.

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